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Request a confidential presentation with one of our senior consultants.
This is where we listen and learn about your goals and ambitions.
What is it that you really want to achieve and how can we get you there faster? 


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Ways to invest with us
Blue Peak Capital has investment options to suit everyone, no matter what
your financial goals are. Once we have explained the range of investment options available, we then help you pick the right option which can enable you to fast track towards your financial goals.
The best thing about the Blue Peak Capital approach is that it’s flexible and
you are not locked in.


Welcome to the team
Once you’re on-board with us, one of our friendly customer care team will contact you for a welcome and introductory session, which includes answering any questions, explaining the process and walking you through the account set-up.
Once your funds have been deposited into Managed trading account our execution and clearing broker our Blue Peak Capital traders will get straight to work on monitoring, trading and taking care of business
on your behalf.
24– 48 hours later you will receive an e-welcome kit giving you full access to the
Blue Peak Capital website member’s area. Our Blue Peak Capital Pro traders will then commence their work around the clock monitoring and trading.


Let’s get started
Once your funds have entered our account, our Blue Peak Capital traders will start
finding the best trading opportunities for you.
So sit back and get your money working as hard as you do:
  • 1. Maintain full updates over managed account
  • 2. Access 24 hour customer service
 There’s a wealth of opportunity out there, and there’s no better way to make
the most of it than partnering with Blue Peak Capital.

All Profit funds are held in segregated accounts.
All Managed Accounts are also insured and safeties for all general managed accounts are guaranteed as well.

Our strategies
Our members are all different in terms of their financial circumstances and goals. That’s why we offer a range of investment strategies. There are three key differences that determine which investment option suits you.
What is your entry point?
How much are you looking to invest and what is your budget? This is an important determining factor to see what your expectations for returns are and whether they will meet your short term or long-term financial goals.
Should you diversify?
Diversification of investments across different industries helps spread your risk. We have tailored our investments based on historical trends so that when one sector is under performing we can invest into a higher preforming sector, and increase your opportunity to profit in tough economic times.
What your goals are
Determining your goals are important so we can choose the best option for you. If you are saving for a house then you will want to maximize your profit over a longer period. If you are saving for a holiday, then you may be happier sacrificing overall profit for more immediate returns.
To determine the most suitable option, we will help you to consider:
  • 1. The amount of funds you want to invest
  • 2. How much diversification you want to include, and
  • 3.The likely return on investment.

Our safeguards

Your best protection
Like any financial investment, there is always risk involved.
At Blue Peak Capital, we have a range of strategies and processes in place to help you do just that.
Trade in a diverse range of commodities
Diversification is an important risk buffer. This is why most of our members opt for trading in a range of commodities. If one commodity is down, those performing more strongly can provide a buffer.
Use expert trading specialists
Knowledge is power, but knowledge also minimizes risk. Our traders know the ins and outs of the markets they trade in. Each is a specialist in their own area. This allows them to make informed and insightful decisions, based on a deeper understanding of the markets.
If conditions aren’t right, don’t trade
Our traders don’t just trade for the sake of it. If they have doubts about trading conditions on a particular day, they simply won’t trade. That’s just one of the advantages of having access to a world-wide network of professional traders with proven results.
Set a stop loss and take profit level
A stop-loss order is designed to limit your loss on a position in a trade and therefore minimize your exposure to risk. With Blue Peak Capital we set a stop loss level meaning that we will sell out of any investment before it falls below a nominated point. On the flip side, our traders can also set a take profit level to help maximize profits.
Cancel at any time
Everyone’s circumstances can change. If you need to cancel your membership, you can do so. If you realize that you wish to get back into the market then you can do so at any time and there’s no entry fee.

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